Call Ron Anderson Roofing

Call Ron Anderson Roofing

For a roof inspection & affordable roof repair in Long Beach, CA

When you need roof repair, reach out to Ron Anderson Roofing. We'll handle any issue with your roof. These repairs are important because your roof is the first line of defense between you and Mother Nature.

Without adequate roof repairs, you can end up with small animals nesting in your attic and rain falling into your house. We'll repair:

  • Wind and rain damage
  • Holes from tree limbs
  • Places with mold growth

Contact us immediately when you need roof repair in Long Beach, CA.

We'll conduct a quality roof inspection on your property

Our roof inspection is completely free. We'll walk around your house and figure out how extensive the damage to your roof is and what needs to be done. We can offer you a repairs estimate on the spot.

Once we inspect your roof, we'll provide a report that can assist you in your insurance claim. We'll confirm the damage to your roof so you can file a claim.

Call today to schedule roof inspection services in Long Beach, CA.